Charles McCarrick, Founder & Chief Scientist

If you think it can’t be done, come to us.

Every day customers come to us wondering if what they have dreamed of is even possible. Every day we exceed their expectations. How?

Superior reflectivity, rigidity & RMS:

  • KORE Reflector rigidity, surface accuracy, and electrical performance have been tested against competitors and are consistently superior
  • The carbon composite material is the reflective surface (vs a silver or copper veil) resulting in extremely high surface accuracy of individual petals (as measured by RMS)
  • Proprietary composite material will not deform in extreme heat or cold conditions
  • Our process enables a repeatable surface accuracy across all reflectors – even when assembled at random

Fast, Simple, Pain-Free Assembly

  • Reflector petals are easily interchangeable within and between reflectors with no impact to performance
  • Latches designed for fast assembly

Designed for Field Conditions

  • UV and scratch resistant surface
  • Maintains performance even in high winds
  • Designed for MIL-STD 810G rated drop protection – including no protruding components on the petals that could break off

Manufactured with Pride

KORE Composites technologies were developed by a team of antenna engineers with collective 100+ years of experience in designing for superior electrical performance. We utilize proprietary materials and methods in order to create the highest quality product in the industry: every part of the creation process is guided by and controlled for using precision fixtures. Every single reflector is tested for surface accuracy in both “as assembled” and “random” configurations to ensure we can stand by our claims of performance.