Our technology brings RMS | Rigidity | Reflectivity to your business applications.

Pushing the Boundaries of Science

Every day we balance physics against the demands of a technology that must work each and every single time. There is no room for error. There is only excellence.

Premium Kore Composites reflectors are manufactured in the United States at our Production Facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Rigidity, RMS, and Reflectivity of our parabolic segmented reflectors are unmatched in the industry.

Our reflectors are rigid, and they stay that way in the field and under enormous environmental pressures. They will not fold, buckle or degrade from their parabolic shape. Sadly these kinds of degradations are common in our industry. But not with Kore Composites.

For quality RMS, each petal must have a surface tolerance that matches up with its parabolic shape. The manufacturing process is critical and ours pass rigorous inspection every time.

Our reflective surface is unique in the industry in that it IS the REFLECTOR surface, not a substrate material.

We don’t set the industry
standard. We beat it every day.

Kore Composites technologies were developed by a team of antenna engineers with collective 100+ years of experience in designing for superior electrical performance.

We utilize proprietary materials and methods in order to create the highest quality product in the industry:

Every part of the creation process is guided by and controlled for use with precision fixtures.

Our high temperature and pressure manufacturing ensures reflectors are rigid and able to withstand high winds and high temperatures.

Unmatched Quality Manufacturing

At Kore Composites we believe in more than probabilities. Quality is built into every petal and confirmed one at a time.

Kore Composites Characteristics

The Most Technologically Advanced Reflector on the Market

Designed to achieve stringent electrical performance requirements for ARTSTRAT

Highly rigid construction able to maintain SATCOM link in 40 mph winds

Highly repeatable, reflector surface accuracy on every petal

Shape and lamination stability even at extreme temperatures

1-2 dB improvements in performance over other composite reflector manufacturers on the market. How do we know? We’ve measured it.

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