Webinar – Via Satellite to Host Kore Composites on Design Considerations for Segmented Reflectors

Please join our team for Via Satellite’s upcoming Webinar: Design Considerations for Field Ready Manpack and Flyaway Terminals.

There are many unique challenges to developing segmented reflectors that optimize for signal strength, compliance, ease of use, and reliability in difficult field conditions. Creating a complete solution is expensive and requires deep expertise in systems integration, RF materials, composite manufacturing processes, antenna design principles, and customer requirements. During this virtual session, you will learn about the following:

  • Requirements for a field-ready and reliable product
  • Critical-to-compliance design elements and features
  • Testing and validation principles to de-risk your product
  • Latest developments in MEO/LEO compatible components for parabolic systems

KORE Composites was created with the big idea that we address quality and quantity issues and produce a superior product that can withstand the most rugged environments. To address the dual problem of matching feeds with reflectors and to provide a high-quality reflector design that meets all ARSTRAT, Eutelsat, and typical DoD customer requirements, Micro-Ant established the Kore Veritas Segmented Reflector series. Kore Veritas man-pack and flyaway reflectors incorporate 100+ years of Antenna Design expertise and decades of feedback on systems that military users have tried.